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Target Baby Announcement

My heart was just filled with excitement and joy when I received a message from Elizabeth that she is pregnant. I met Elizabeth when I was photographing her brother Stephen and his wife Kallie's baby shower for Vincenzo. In that room full of family and friends, Elizabeth caught my eyes because she was this towering gorgeous woman with purple hair. I said to myself "Boy, was this the hair I tried pulling off two years ago!" My mistake was, I got a DIY packet from the clearance section at Walmart one faithful day and ended up killing my hair. Yes, I killed my hair. It died for a week. Fortunately for me, an angel from Sally's Beauty helped me find the cure. So, purple hair... She was gorgeous, I was "fangirling" on her most of all. Not only was she beautiful, she is one the sweetest kindest lady I've ever met! Everyone in that room came out of the perfect gene pool. And why was it that for this one event where I met Stephen's family that I ended up being friends with them all? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Italian-Creole family. The nicest people in the WORLD! After meeting everyone I ended up photographing a cousin's Bridal Shower, a sisters Maternity Session, another cousin's Maternity Session and then finally when Vincenzo arrived, his newborn portraits.

Elizabeth and John had been waiting patiently for their perfect little gift. I know some parents wait for a very long time and the fear keeps growing bigger as they wait. And now there is relief! God perfectly orchestrated this event in their lives, I thought to myself. That is why I was in tears.

WHY? Because it was a few weeks before Mother's Day.

WHY? Because this is a a reminder and a news from their angel in heaven, and her name is Queenie.

I had goosebumps and boogers all at the same time. Gross. BUT it was such beautiful and inspiring news. It was something I knew I had to share. I never thought I would be that photographer who post blogs. But here I am. And I hope my first one will do justice for these two wonderful mom-and-dad-to-be.

Initially I suggested a birth announcement of something that's related to Mother's Day like flowers etc. But knowing how outgoing and fun loving this couple is I thought that they would be the perfect people to do the Target session. So here are are my favorite shots of a new expecting parents, having fun and finally getting to pick out baby items! They are going to be an incredible parents, I just know!

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