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It's a cool, cool summer.

We got to visit Dave in Trish mid-August after we went to attend my step-son's Army Boot Camp Graduation in Missouri. I've always wanted to see where my husband grew up and visit Dave and Trish and meet their kids. When I offered them a family portrait, I didn't know there was a great surprise waiting for me! Maybe 2 days before we were about to hit the road, Trish tagged me on a post about a sunflower farm that was less than 10 minutes away from their house. I was hysterical, ecstatic! i thought to myself "Oh my gosh! This is going to be checked off of the bucket list!" I could not wait to get there! The entire time I was dreaming about prancing around those big yellow flowers! Maybe a little worried about critters.

The day came, it was filled with people taking pictures. As I looked closer the beautiful big flowers about the size of my head were drooping (probably because it was cloudy) and some of them were vandalized with names, and hearts etc. I was a little disappointed that people were doing that. But so on we go. Trish was thoughtful enough to suggest to the guys to bring me a ladder because those beauties were tall and I'm only 5-foot-3. After we took photos in the sunflower field, I wanted to take them to an open area in their neighborhood because it was filled with white wild flowers. Something you don't see much in Louisiana. As we get in the subdivision we passed by another area with big tall yellow wildflowers. How can I say no to that? So out of the car, started hiking to find the perfect spot and Mitchell started shouting 'Buck! Buck! Buck!'. I turned as fast as I can and snapped photos as fast as I could with my 70-200mm. How can you NOT love that? wildlife action is always fun! The buck had beautiful big horns! After that sweet surprise was a continuation of the photoshoot.

Next location was that field of white wild flowers. BUT in the woods was lurking, a doe. Just staring at us and then slowly faded into the woods. After the little wildlife sighting was the final 'set'. I just want to say that I might start travelling for photography. There's so much to find and learn about the area. And I want to thank Dave and Trish for letting us stay with them and giving us a great time in Wisconsin!

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